Welcome to Scientific Societies

We simplify the world of scientific associations, so they can make the world a better place.

Scientific Societies is a non-profit, association management co-operative that offers full-service solutions for science-based professional societies. We currently serve as the headquarters and administrative offices of seven associations that are focused on advancing the science of their field worldwide, with members ranging from plant pathologists to brewing chemists and sensory professionals.

With over 50 years of experience serving scientific associations, we understand the science in which our members work. Our shared expertise, resources and best practices enable efficiencies for our founding associations and our clients. We perform as a think-tank for professional association strategies that advance growth in membership, publications and continuing education. Our breadth of experience also allows us to lend our administrative services to smaller scientific associations that don’t require a full-service approach.

Our Services

This is just the surface of what we offer. To find out more, visit the About Us page, or visit any of the websites of some of our representative societies to see our work in action!